CyberFurz Covenant

1. Transparency

As things grow, costs change, and operations change... A promise to be transparent and upfront about those changes to you the users. We will do our best to ensure we we post our operations costs, usage, and some of our other metrics here for you to to have a full picture of what we are doing.

2. Openness

We want users to feel free to join our instance, feel safe, and open to go elsewhere if they ever want to. Mastodon offers the opportunity for you to move/migrate your account to different instances. We never want to impeed that and encourage user to feel free to move and migrate your account to different instances or into our instance. Your data is yours, and while we do hold access to it while you are on our instance, we don't believe that it should stop being your choice to delete your data from our instance if you ever choose to leave.

3. Responsibility

With so many instances out there, and concerns of longevity... we understand the concerns that will we still be here in the future to come. Our promise is that if we ever have to shutdown we will be able to provide a minimum of 3 months of availability to export and migrate your account to different instances. We don't expect to be going anywhere, however, we feel it important to be transparent and have a policy in place that accounts for this if it were to ever happen.

4. Respect

We respect you as a person, and we expect the same for you towards others. Tolerance and respect are foundations we believe in here. Hatespeech isn't ok, and we don't want that on our instance. You are free to have your own opinions and share them with content warnings, as long as you are not directing them as hatespeech. Respect your fellow members of the Fediverse, we want to breed a respectful community.

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