February 2023 Costs

Sat Mar 04 2023

Written By: Hack13

Notes on February Costs

This month you may notice a lot more costs listed and a larger ammount, and this is because we migrated to a new provider to help us ensure the longevity of our operation. With that said, we have moved to yearly billing for some of our services, and now paying to manage our Matrix server to ensure best reliablity and they have been great so far.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about these costs, please feel free to reach out to me on Matrix or Mastodon.

Cost Breakdown Table

CDN (Bunny)$4.05
Mastodon Server (Hetzner)€8.86 ($9.42)
Mastodon Server (RackNerd)$93.27 (Yearly)
Matrix Server (Hetzner)€17.96 ($19.10)
Matrix Server (RackNerd)$48.77 (Yearly) Server (Hetzner)€3.85 ($4.09) Management Fees$10.00 Migration Fee$100.00 (One Time Payment)
Server Snapshots (Hetzner)€1.77 ($1.88)
Database Backups (AWS)$0.89
Object Storage (Backblaze)$18.31
Object Storage (iDrive)$20 (Yearly)

CDN Usage Screenshots

Object Storage Bandwith

Bunny Object Storage CDN Usage

Site Assets Bandwith

Bunny Site CDN Usage

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