New Policies and Rules

Sun Feb 05 2023

Written By: Hack13

Our new legal policies are now posted on our site in the footer; we have had them provide us with minor edits from some of our legal services. They are subject to change and updates; however, they are here now as we need and want to ensure we comply with local laws and requirements.

DMCA Policy

We have also officially registered with the US Copyright Office for DMCA complaints. You can find out how to file a DMCA complaint by going to or looking in our footer for our DMCA Policy. This process should be followed for any copyrighted content found on our servers.


If you would like to help fund our operations, we encourage you to check out our new Donate page at the top of the site. We have multiple methods you can sign up to contribute to us. Ko-Fi is set up in our Business Stripe(Credit & Debit Cards) account, and PayPal is set up in our Business PayPal account, which are our preferred ways to contribute to us. We have a Patreon setup; however, they take a more significant cut on processing fees. We are happy to take your contributions however is the most convenient for you.

Users Must Be 18+ To Register

This new rule comes as we have become a legal business, and the amount of 18+ content is very difficult for our small team to moderate. We feel it is in our best interest to implement this rule now. That said, we provide existing registered users 90 days to migrate to a new instance, allowing users under 18 if they so wish. If you are to become 18 within the timeframe of 90 days, you are OK to stay registered on our service.

We know this may be controversial, but we want to do what we know is best for our users and legal status. We want to try and create a safe environment for our users, and since we do not feel we can ensure long-term the protection of those under 18 on our service from adult content.

In closing, thank you all for your continued use of our services and hope to be around with you all for a long time to come!

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