Scheduled Maintenance

Fri Feb 17 2023

Written By: Hack13

This weekend we will be doing some server migrations that will involve some minor downtime to our services. This migration is to a new provider that will allow us to reduce our costs and ensure we will be here for a long time.

Mastodon Migration

Date: Feb 17, 2023(Today) at 9 AM ET

Downtime Estimation: 2 Hours

What Will Happen:

We will power down the server, migrate to the new provider, and restore everything. Afterward, the DNS will be updated and switched to the new provider. To serve traffic, we will also switch to a new front-end web server, Caddy. Once the work is done, we will be sure to put up a page on the old server telling you that you are not resolving the new DNS yet.

Matrix Migration

Date: Feb 18, 2023(Tomorrow) at 12 PM ET

Downtime Estimation: 4 Hours

What Will Happen:

We have worked with our upstream managed service provider, etke, to assist with the server migration. They will be migrating our service to the new provider. Once the migration is completed, we will announce it from our CyberFurz Custodian account. During the migration, the service will be down. No data will be lost, and rooms will sync up once powered back online.

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