Going Official

Fri Jan 27 2023

Written By: Hack13

I want to start by saying I am super happy to announce that CyberFurz LLC is now officially registered in my home state of Virginia in the USA. That said, several changes will start moving things into a more official capacity. I plan to have everything shifted to CyberFurz LLC by the first of next month.

Why Did We Become A Business?

Ultimately, it is to ensure I can keep offering CyberFurz services with legal protections, with us having a service that allows users to upload and post content… That leaves me open to legal action, so I wanted to take steps to have protections in place in case we have to deal with bad actors.

What Does This Mean For Me?

Well, we will have more legally defined terms of service and privacy policy. But that said, I will remain still steadfast in not selling your data! We are all about privacy-respecting services, and we will continue only to collect what we need.

Funding Operations

Since we are now a registered business, we have taken on some extra costs, which will mainly be taken care of through my own capital investments in the company. However, I would like to move us towards covering our operating costs. That will not be through advertisements or selling user data! Instead, we are looking at what services we could provide additionally to our Matrix and Mastodon services.

In the meantime, we will be primarily looking at rolling out ways to thank those who wish to help sponsor the service with shout-outs in our monthly cost breakdowns. In addition, we are updating to have Ko-fi, Patreon, and PayPal directly to make contributions, as requested by some users to provide multiple ways to ease your ways of contributing.

In Closing

Please bear with me as I continue to get things sorted and handed over! With that said, I look forward to community feedback to make this a great community for everyone. Again, I thank all of you for making our small community what it is.

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